About Us

Our pets are much more to us than companions. They rely on us the same way we rely on them for love, nurturing and care. The food and products we offer at Pet Chef Express Michigan reflect that love in every bite.

We know how special your pet is to you and our food and treats are designed to keep that little friend healthy and happy for all of life’s adventures. We know your top priority is to maintain the health of your pet. We provide you with the nutrition to do just that.

We take pride in that we provide only the best products containing premium, top quality, and 100% natural ingredients that can be delivered straight to your front door. Our delivery system helps prevent the emergency runs to the grocery store to grab food that is filled with harsh ingredients and only hurts your little buddy. So, give us a try and experience the Pet Chef difference today!

Why Us? What’s the difference?dogfoodcomparison

Pet Chef Michigan is a locally (woman) owned business that is part of a national co-op for Pet Chef Express products. We take a lot of pride in providing quality, freshness and good old fashioned professional service.

All Pet Chef formulas are high in protein combined with US sourced grains, seven vegetables, oils and essential vitamins and minerals. There is NO corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors or preservatives. They are naturally preserved with Vitamin E and include Omega 6 and 3 oils for healthy skin and coats. Your pet will love it!